New Nintendo Handeld? 

Could there be a new Nintendo handheld in the works? Well according to a Kyoto Shinbun article (a Japanese newspaper in Kyoto) and a few tweets seen below there seems to be consideration for a new Nintendo handheld although nothing is yet confirmed. Here are the tweets

Author’s Input:

If there is indeed a new Handheld in the future of Nintendo do you guys think it would be more of an exclusive tablet with more smart device games like Super Mario Run? Or should they go back to the old style and focus and one screen with similar tech as the Switch tablet? Comment below



One thought on “New Nintendo Handeld? 

  1. I’d be surprised if Nintendo released a new portable console; it wouldn’t be a smart business move because it would just fragment the game library for the Switch and also cut into the Switch’s market. Nintendo has very much been pushing the Switch as a hybrid console, so it would be bizaare to sacrifice processing power for portability and then release another portable later.
    If they do release something portable, I can imagine a “Game Boy Classic” or something similar in the vein of the NES classic, as a portable collection of great Gameboy games.


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