The Appeal of the Nintendo Switch

March 3rd.


That is the day that many gamers are waiting for in hopes that Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch will put Nintendo back in relevancy following it’s lackluster Wii-U sales since it’s release. Its new concept, being a home console and a handheld all in one opposed to its predecessor the Wii-U’s tablet controller.

What troubled the Wii-U was 3rd party developers abandoning the console for the console’s development difficulty and the underpowered machine in comparison to the Xbox One and PS4.

Developers are very excited about Nintendo’s new console much like they were the Wii-U with the difference this time being that devs are stating the console is much easier to develop for seeing as they are already familiar with its tech. Analyst Michael Patcher has seconded this very point, “I’ve actually heard from developers that Nintendo is the easiest of the three to develop for,” he then continued on to say that even though easier to develop for there is one issue once again, Power. “The issue is going to be processing power. If the processor is a lot slower, and it doesn’t use the same configuration of cores and the same graphics capability, they have to do something different.”

Author’s input:

So new concept, easier to develop for and they must do something different (than Xbox and Playstation) for the Switch to succeed, that seems to be the recipe for Nintendo this generation with another one I can throw in as well ‘Continuous development of good games from 3rd party devs’.

Nintendo has now priced it’s online services 2,000-3,000 yen (which equals $17.60-$26.40 USD) much cheaper than it’s competitors. What do you guys think?


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